RUMI at King

RUMI at King


RUMI at King


2099 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA 94704
United States




Even in this era of development and creation of marvelous new housing and dwellings, the fully furnished homes in RUMI @ KING stand apart.

The RUMI @ KING is located on the edge of Downtown Berkeley. It inspires playful freedom and invites you to explore a new world. With the vast majority of units featuring a stellar view of the Bay, hills, or town - or the stars at night - the RUMI will create for you an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. You'll feel a sense of calm, but also a sense of purpose, as you are surrounded by a palpable energy.

The RUMI @ King offers a variety of amenities, including in-unit washer/dryer and stainless steel high-end appliances. It also offers spacious living rooms with luxury flooring. With twenty-one different floor plans, there's ROOM for everyone.

We invite you to let go of your inhibitions, explore the unexpected, and take the alternative route.

Email us. Email us. Walk on in.

You can check it out anytime you like, but - a word of warning - you may never leave.


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Berkeley most often refers to: Berkeley, California, a city in the United States University of California, Berkeley, a public university in Berkeley, California George Berkeley (1685–1753), Anglo-Irish philosopherBerkeley may also refer to: == Places == === Australia === Berkeley, New South Wales, a suburb of Wollongong === Canada === Berkeley, Ontario, a community in Grey County === United Kingdom === Berkeley (hundred), an administrative division from late Saxon period to the 19th century Berkeley, Gloucestershire, a town in England === United States === Berkeley, California, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the largest city named Berkeley Berkeley, Denver, a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado Berkeley, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago Berkeley, Missouri, a northwestern suburb of St.

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