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Vested Interest Trading

Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business


Vested Interest Trading sources its products ethically and employs

Local craftsmen are increasingly struggling to make ends meet due to the increasing cost

Textiles and jewelry being exported to Western countries that used to provide a good living for people are now being produced and exported cheaper Vested Interest Trading supports the quality of life, livelihood and protection of the Balinese culture

Fair Trade is a social movement that empowers producers in developing nations to enjoy more favorable working and Fair Trade promotes sustainable farming and enhances environmental and social standards of Fair Trade is a movement that focuses on products that are typically exported from countries in the developing world to developed countries

What is the reason

The key objective of Fair Trade, especially in Bali, is to empower and help Balinese artisans and farmers Fair Trade rules ensure that employees earn a decent income. They also provide prospects for growth and assistance in a safe working setting. They also encourage sustainable practices that are environmentally sustainable and allow public accountability. This helps in building lasting trade relations between Indonesia and the rest of

Choosing to make purchases from

You are assisting in the creation of new opportunities for economically disadvantaged Fair Trade is a non-profit organisation that promotes poverty reduction sustainable growth, sustainable growth, as well as development for the local population

You are helping to continue the efforts for equality of opportunity and gender equity Fair Trade vendors place a lot of importance on ensuring that women’s work is respected and appreciated than those of men

You help to support the fight against the abuse of children and Fair Trade companies always provide secure and safe working conditions for their employees

When you purchase Fair Trade products, you are part of an exchange that acts from a place of deep respect and reverence for ancient traditions and The Fair Trade organization helps producers to develop their local knowledge base so that they can safeguard their culture

You agree to pay a fair price This is accomplished by involving the community and It will cover the costs of production and allow artisans to participate in the production process that is environmentally and socially

Fair Trader vendors are also capable of ensuring prompt payment to their partners and, when possible, assist producers in obtaining access to pre-production financing

You support the conservation and use of land for the next generation Fair Trade vendors are educated about how they can manage and use their local resources sustainably Vendors are very near to their suppliers When they can, they pick areas with high biodiversity so that they can develop products that do not harm the land, but rather enhance

You can be part of an international conversation and revolution of Fair Trade practices are designed to promote the exchange of ideas between communities and consumers from the world’s developing countries

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Business Name:

Vested Interest Trading


1407 Main St N
Callander Ontario P0H 1H0



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