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SuperGlass Dundee

Quality is what makes SuperGlass a success! Expertly trained & trusted technicians deliver the highest qaulity repairs


SuperGlass Dundee


8 Union St, Coupar Angus
Blairgowrie Perthshire PH13 9AE
United Kingdom



Taynes Glass Specialists Ltd, based in Cupar, Fife, are experts at handling all glass related issues of your vehicle. Our company is the only licensed and fully trained establishment in the UK to use SuperGlass's glass and acrylic repair technologies. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is committed to delivering outstanding service. We offer services such as glass repair, glass scratch removal, and glass replacement. To ensure customer satisfaction, our team uses only the highest quality glass and the latest machines. Get in touch with us today to increase the value and appeal of your car.


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Adam Blair

car window screens

Glen provided a top class service. He went out of his way to fix my front window when I needed it sorted quickly. A really nice guy and a top professional.

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